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Lockdown Storage Solutions

They say tidy house, tidy mind and now we are all spending so much more time at home during lockdown this mantra has never been so important.
Whilst many have taken to DIY in lockdown others have used the time to declutter, organise and and take control of their own homes amidst the chaos unfolding in the outside world.
And here at LH Interiors we have the perfect storage solutions to help you organise your home to make life easier both during the pandemic and beyond.
We feel this is the perfect time to introduce you to our new range of storage solutions coming soon, perfect for the pantry, kitchen, fridge, kids crafts and more, I mean we even have boxes to store batteries!
Our extensive range coming soon has everything you need to organise your home to make everyday life just that little bit easier.
Top tips:-
Out with the old 
Decluttering means getting rid of things that are no longer useful or things simply gathering dust in a drawer - be ruthless and get rid of things you don't need. It may be hard at the time but you'll be thankful for the extra space in the long run.
Keep things that go together together.
It sounds simple but it's something many of us fail to do when it comes to organising our homes.
Take a step back and think about which items go together for example extra toiletries, cosmetics and hygiene products could all be organised into one section. It'll make life easier when going about your daily household rituals and chores.
After selecting the perfect storage box for each cupboard, drawer or section of your home it makes life easier to label.
Whether its kids craft items or cleaning cupboard storage it will save you precious time to label each storage solution with the items inside. 
Our range of storage is see through so you can identify the items inside but labelling up makes life even easier.
There are lots of company's out there who will provide personalised labels at competitive prices.
Keeping it tidy.
It's not rocket science but the easiest way to keep up with your tidy and organised life is simply by putting things back where they came from.
You've done the hard work by finding a new organised space for your belongings but it's easy for things to become disorganised quickly if you don't put things back in their new home.
If you continue to stick to your organised new places you'll find it's pretty easy to keep on top of things and find everything you need without turning the house upside down.
For the full range coming soon, sign up to our news letter to be in the know.

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